3rd Financial Management and Leadership Conference


‘A Conference for meeting global leadership challenges’



Angels College Financial Management and Leadership conference is designed to equip Directors, Managers and Leaders in private or public sector organisation with the skills required to be a transformational leader in the modern ‘social media controlled’ environment. Delivered by team of experts, our conference is organised around the following 4 themes;

  1. Leadership and Management  in Social media controlled Environment
  2. Financial Management and Accountability
  3. Client Relationship Management
  4. Promoting Equality & Diversity and Inclusion


About the Conference:

In the current business environment where agility is a necessity and many traditional opportunities for competitive advantage have disappeared, organisations are expecting more from their managers and leaders than ever before. To meet the challenges presented by this dynamic business environment, managers must rapidly evolve their skill-sets, pursue a renewed focus on performance and value creation and have a firm grasp on what it means to be a true leader in the 21st Century.

Each session of the conference aims to provide ‘hands-on’ training to enhance the strategic management skills-sets of participants and to equip them with the practical steps required to re-engineer the finance, leadership and management functions within their organisations for better results. The impact of the social media implies that managers must possess the ability to drive strategic change, communicate and influence at a peak level and inspire transformation across the enterprise – from the shop floor to the boardroom. This requires an ability to change entrenched mind-sets of teams and empower the available talent to deliver results in a face-paced, real-time decision-making environment. With a focus on case study examples and lessons learnt from world-performing international companies, attendees will discover how to do more with less, explore how to work smarter not harder, and ultimately how to become transformational leaders who can position their organisations effectively to unlock value and enhance business performance. Angels College Corporate Training At Angels College we develop people’s Leadership Skills so they have the confidence and authority to make a real difference in their organisations Our Leadership Development and Training programmes push each and every delegate to gain a rigorous personal insight into what makes them tick and then, with that understanding of themselves, to stretch their ‘comfort zones’ into new and challenging territory.

Main Conference Themes

The main [four] themes of the conference are:

  1. Leadership and Management  in Social media controlled Environment
  2. Financial Management and Accountability
  3. Client Relationship Management
  4. Promoting Equality & Diversity and Inclusion


Conference Objectives

Participating in this conference will enable the delegates to develop their skills within the key Themes:

1. Leadership and Management:
  • Develop ways of empowering, motivating and inspiring others
  • Formulate a holistic approach to identifying problems, formulating solutions, and adapting to change
  • Build strategic skills for effective decision making, strategy development, and implementation
  • Examine new techniques and technologies for driving results throughout your company in any market cycle
  • Develop a personal leadership philosophy and presence that reflects greater knowledge, capabilities, and insight.
  • Expand your capacity to lead cross-functional initiatives and corporate projects amid challenging global markets


2. Financial Management:
  • Develop the key attributes and capabilities of a next-generation finance leader
  • Understand the practical steps to driving Financial Management and managing complex change
  • Learn practical steps for re-engineering finance to partner with the business, enhance performance and create maximum value
  • Establish exceptional leadership and communication skills as a transformational finance leader
  • Change the mindset of finance professionals and empower them to deliver value
  • Develop the primary capabilities that finance must develop in order to become a true strategic business partner
  • Benchmark your finance function against global best practice to provide insights for improvement
  • Enhance the role of finance in strategy development, strategic planning and the achievement of business objectives
  • Harness the benefits of a next-generation, lean and mean finance function which is closely aligned with the business

 3. Client Relationship Management:
  • Understanding Relationship Management
  • Establish productive relationships with your internal or external clients
  • Handling Client/Customer Complaints & Conflicts
  • Design practical ways to exceeding, rather than meeting customers’ expectations
  • Plan for results collaboratively with the client
  • Develop strategies for Customer Engagement to promote Trust and Transparency

4. Equality & Diversity:
  • Promote equality of opportunity and diversity within the communities in which you serve.
  • Recognise and value the differences and individual contribution that people make
  • Develop ways to treat customers, colleagues and partners fairly and with respect
  • Provide support and encouragement to staff to develop their careers and increase their contributions to the organisation
  • Design strategies to build a workforce which reflects the customer base, and the diverse community you serve.


Facilitation of the Conference

 This Conference will be facilitated using a three tiered approach. The structure of each session is as follows:

  • Technical overview and review of research into the topic area under discussion
  • Practical application of management principles in the review of  case studies, worked examples and interactive exercises
  • Discussion of outcomes and implementation issues Conference delegates will have the opportunity to include comments and questions about issues outlined in the program by way of a pre-course questionnaire. This feedback will enable the course facilitator to adjust content accordingly.
  • The seminar has limited places to allow for customisation, greater interactivity and for individual concerns to be addressed.


Great Opportunity not to be missed.                      APPLY NOW!!!


Who should attend?

All senior figures in Private and Public Establishments with responsibilities for Project Management, Accounting and Finance, Recruitment, Leadership and Management including but not limited to:

  • Company Directors / Chief Executives
  • Regional and Municipal Executives
  • District Chief Executives and People of Similar responsibilities
  • Senior Administrators
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Finance Directors
  • Financial Controllers /Finance Managers
  • Management accounting / decision support
  • Management reporting
  • Business analysis / Planning
  • Equality & Diversity Leads
  • Human Resources Leads and Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Owners /  Entrepreneurs
  • All individuals with similar responsibilities as those listed above are encouraged to apply


Conference fees

  • Option 1 – £5,800 – For British Airways Business Class return ticket;
  • Option 2 – £4,700 – For British Airways Economy Class return ticket;
  • Option 3 –  £4,000 – For KLM Economy Class return ticket


* All prices are inclusive of return ticket, airport pick-up, food, conference fees, and 5 nights hotel


How to book for a place

Email: info@angelscollege.com or call +233 24 317 0230 (Ghana) or call our UK office on +447930141669 / +441214485656


Date: 20th February 2017- 24th February, 2017

Venue: Hotel La Tour,Central Birmingham – UK.

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